By XxNotedZombiexX »

Praying to god there’s something 2k support will do for me 

By Ricky_Blaze »

Hate to say it but that's on you and 2K will most likely tell you the same thing.  On the bright side at least you still have 1 Diamond MJ to fall back on.

By 508G37 »

Last year someone reported doing this with diamond Booker, he accidentally sold in auction house for 500mt and they went into his account and put him in reward que for him.

By XxNotedZombiexX »

I was so excited I was trying to put him up to auction quickly and ended up quick selling everything from the box. I pray to god they have mercy on me lol

By csulzbac22 »

Ya they gave someone their card back last year.  

By XxNotedZombiexX »

YEah so just I update everyone. The response I received from 2k was “that quickselling the card is 2k’s way of making sure players don’t receive too many of the same card and that I received some MT by quickselling one of the best diamond cards in the game. I know I made a mistake. And I didn’t expect them to help me. But that response was asshole. Definitely my last year messing with this game