I'v got about 20k on me right now but I'm willing to sell rose and maybe donovan (even though this card is a beast) if there's a really good suggestion. I like to crash the rim and shoot an occasional 3 pointer. I like all my bigs, but I feel like I can improve everyone else, or at least add in 1 or two people who could really help out. I have the amethyst Jeremy lin in case I need a back up point guard. Thanks for any suggestions, I appreciate it.

By yes2236 »

Amy demar derozen or if you want better defense then pick up john starks

By Riccardo98 »

replace jordan with the amy one. 

u should sell rose a get a better PG, but u need also to improve your bench. 

Buy baron davis and put him as your starting pg, starks as your backup pg and worthy as backup sf.


I would replace Whiteside with Artis Gilmore. I upgraded my whiteside last week with him, and he is a bag improvement. He's taller, has more post game, and grabs more boards.