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The original reporting system was designed a long time ago with a much smaller community in mind, and therefore much less need to deal with spam, inappropriate content and abuse towards other users. It was simply a counter for the number of reports on a particular comment, which would make the comments be highlighted in red for moderators if they came across them.

As the site grew, the amount of negative content grew, and that system was no longer suitable. It became more and more difficult for the mods to deal with the issue, and most of the reports weren't even being seen by the mods.

So today I'm introducing a brand new reporting system:

Every single report made will go to a moderation queue, reviewed by a moderator, and a response will be provided.

Currently the new reporting system is enabled for comments, forum posts and custom cards, but we'll be expanding it to all user submitted content soon. So from now on, if you ever see content that should not be on the site, please report it so that the mods can deal with it swiftly!

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Thank you for adding this.

I used to accidentally press the report button all the time. And this should make it more easier for the mods and users.

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It looks great

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Looks like a good system indeed.

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Damn this is great and way better than the old system

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nice work pac keep it up

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Nice new system 

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Pretty cool, thanks for adding this