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We all know JR Smith's debacle in Game 1 costed the Cavs a game, and emotions run high. Leadership is need by the team's leaders in order to keep the team together, especially after a situation like JR Smith blowing the game. Let's see LeBron display that leadership to inspire his teammates, or even talk to JR about what occured.

Nothing. At. All. LeBron James asks if they have a timeout. When Lue told him yes, hands to the face, LeBron is reluctant to put his hand to the huddle, obvious sign of defeat. Jeff Green talks with LeBron for a bit, probably to console him. All that time, JR sits with himself, in agony.

Here's an interpretation of the events by Colin Cowherd of all people.

He's not a better leader. Didn't know that one of the lestans would admit this, let alone think Cowherd would lay this down. His teammates are scared of him. That was a meltdown.

Lebron, after 51 pts,


0-4 fg

2-2 ft

JR Smith was 3-10 in the game.

In Game 1 post interview, left podium after a media member "pushed" him in too far, and left like a butthurt teenager who hides his anger to express it afterwards.

Game 2:

JR still runs cold, 2-9

In an interview before Game 3, LeBron makes a comment regarding how he doesn't care how he gets criticized, and passive aggresively states about "how much more picking up [his] teammates" does he need to do?

Now, let's take a look at MJ's first Final appearance in 1991.

As the team's first time playing in the big lights, the nerves have taken hold of the Bulls. The Lakers had the lead, and even though there was an MJ comeback, the Lakers took Game 1. John Paxson went 2-9.

In Game 2, the Bulls picked up as a team. MJ played point guard. Although MJ struggled to shoot intially, Grant was good. MJ would eventually got out of his shooting struggle to shoot and make 13 consecutive shots afterwards. When he was in foul trouble, the team still led effectively without him shooting 13 for 20 because they run an actual system not dependent on him. When he got back, he led the Bulls to an 11-0 run to victory. John Paxson was 8-8.

In the post interview, MJ said that he play point guard to get everyone involved, and also when asked a question on Paxson not missing a shot in Game 2 after Game 1's slump Michael Jordan said to him, "If we are going down, we are going to go down with no bullets in our holsters. You got to keep shooting. You are gonna get it going. We realize that everyone was nervous first game but the shots are there for you, you gotta make Magic work."

Professional, and exceptionally so. People say LeBron has no help. I disagree, he has help, they are just not utilized enough because of the Lebron System they play. No one takes note of how LeBron's teammates made their shots against the Raptors, but everyone credits how James "made pinpoint passes." No one credited how Thompson going on Al Horford starting in Game 3 to minimize his impact or Lue's strategy to make Rozier guard LeBron changed the game, but everyone credits LeBron for his "epic" elimination game. No one says that Jeff Green stepped up despite Love's absence or Thompson making all of his shots, they just focus on the players who didn't play well and say LeBron succeeded despite of them.

All of this goes into my overall discussion as to why the Over Reliance of Lebron is Overrated.

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And since we just look at numbers without the context behind them, let's look at both players' stats.

G1 LeBron James: 19-32, 3-7 3pt, 51 pts, 8 rbd, 8 ast

1991 G1 Michael Jordan: 14-24, 36 pts, 8rbd, 12 ast

When people compare stats, we like compare how one is bigger than the other. But we don't take into account some of the situations behind this. Some people would not look at how LeBron missed all 4 of his shots in overtime, or would know that the majority of Jordan shots were in an attempt to make a comeback, only to come close and ultimately lose by a posession. There is no stat for what Lebron did between 4th quarter and overtime, these sorts of numbers fade into forgotten memory of those who witness this years ago, and people born afterwards no nothing of it when looking at the box score. People afterwards will just look at this and go, "LeBron had a better game," then take note of his 'shit' players and go, "He played with nobody, what a great player!"

JR Smith:

G1: 3-10, 2-6 3pt, 10pts

G2: 2-9, 1-4 3pt, 5pts

John Paxson:

G1: 3-7, 0-1 3pt, 6pts

G2: 8-8, 16 pts

There is no stat for a tantrum. There is no stat for leadership.

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slander king!

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No one cares bud

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LeBron pouts on the bench instead of rallying his teammates after a mistake. Then airs out his teammates to the media instead of going to them face-to-face and says that he shouldn't be criticized for anything.

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LeBron: "I basically played with a broken hand."

The audacity of this man to try to come in the conference with a woman's scarf around his right wrist and to wear a black hat so low to look like the damn Unabomber is so sad. Him raising his conditon from a bruise to a broken hand is a microcosm of what he says to the media, how much he's a damn diva. Let's take two sides of the equation: This is false or this is true.

This is false.

This would be a sad narrative to bring about, allegedly. Again, spread around by the outspoken LeStans in the media, this statement might be false. There was a play where he alley-ooped to himself for a strong finish. Despite being "unable to use one hand well," he had "good individual performances" after Game 1. He has used a narrative before his moves to justify his 'flameouts,' and he has disappeared in games before his moves. That second half of Game 4 was sorry, he gave up, he had no heart. No one has never put more attention on an injury like Lebron, just look at how much emphasis he would use his sorry excuse for a 'cast' in the damn conference. There is a good case that LeBron made this up to cover him on top of everything of "carrying his sorry team to the finals, only to be slept by the 'infinitely better Warriors.'" If this is false, which I don't think is so, then that is truly sorry.

This is true.

The more likely possibilty is that this is true. Don't think he's off the damn hookline. Why would he do something so stupid as punching a damn white board after Game 1? Is he frustrated because of JR? Is he too emotional like the interval between 4th Quarter and Overtime where he leaves JR and the rest his team in the dust? You have a disappointing end of a game, get over it, it's only one game of a series, you still have more games to play. Your supposed to be the damn LEADER of your team! You're not supposed to be an emotional crybaby, you're supposed to rally the troops! What sort of 'leadership' are you displaying to your teammates with your blatant crying that your fans point to as adversity? This was an action that was self-imposed in an emotional fit, and should definitely not be looked at as a damn plus.

You throw your teammates under the bus so much, yet you actively play free safety on defense. SO many of your fans praise you again and again, but your crying again and again makes me reconsider whose #2 on the GOAT list. Damn, you doesn't even match up with Bird mentally.