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PrettyLilyLover said in Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 19:48 pm

And I might dump Sampson, put Hakeem at Center, and Draymond at PF. pick any of his cards, they are all amazing. Can shoot the three, run the floor, pass it, plays great D. I will even run draymond in the pick and roll with my Center, its pretty tough to guard.

If i dump sampson than i will have to dump hakeem too, since im only using hakeem cus he gets a 3pt shot with the duo. I doubt i will be able to get anyone good for the price of those 2. i got PD Lou williams yesterday so atm im running him as my PG off the bench. i sold my bench guards and klay thompson. i now have 130k to work with. Probably going to spend it on PD Tmac and put him as starting PG and get a SG/SF for the bench with the 20k i will have after tmac.