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Alrighty, so first off get DrZedd's template:

Evolution template:

After you get the template you have three options, 1, if you have photoshop, use that. 2, if you don't have photoshop, use Gimp. Or 3, use a budget photoshop called photopea which is super easy to use(I use it). Link to download Photopea:

So after you get into whatever you are using, you will want to go open up the template and you should see a screen like this(this is in photopea) : GKKE7Hp.png

If you do not see a screen like this, then I would try to download it via dropbox to see if it works.

After you open the template and it looks like it does above, you will see on the right side there are little eyes and arrows. The eyes control what is seen on your template, and the arrows just give you more options in each category. 

After you are done with the template you will want to save it as a png. 


Now, I use gimp to make the card itself. A lot of people use photoshop, but i'm gonna show how to make the card on gimp.

So on Gimp, open up the template by searching "Drz" in the search bar, and it should show up.


Before you open up your template though, you should make your background and cut first. To make the background, just take your image and then for gimp, you would want to desaturate it. To desature, go under Colors, then go to Desaturate. Also add an alpha channel then save it as a png. To add an Alpha Channel, go to Layer, Transparency, Add Alpha Channel.


Once you have done that to your background, make your cut with the same picture(obviously the original picture, not the greyed out one). Remember to add an alpha channel then after your cut save it as a png. To make a good and propper cut, look at this tutorial:

Note: Not saving these as pngs will make the card show up as uncropped, which is never good. 

After you have saved everything and you have done all of the steps, you will want to open up your background layer in layers, then your cut, then your template then move the player in front of the template and it should look like this:


Obviously this does not look that good, so you will want to scale the player and the background the EXACT SAME. Also move the background to the exact spot as your player so it looks better. 


After you are done scaling everything, and you are happy with what it looks like, then you should be good. Here is how mine looked: 


This is a super important step. Before you save what you have so far, cut away the parts of the picture that you do not need. It will garuntee that it will show up as cropped in the cards section. Also make a cut by where the overall would be just in case:


Finally, you are ready to save this as a png and make the card. Open it up in the card creator provided by 2kmtc then select your image. It should already be ready to go.

QQ7GX0T.pngHopefully this worked for you and you can start making your own cards now!

Also my template:


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Also if this does help anyone, please comment. I would love to see your cards.

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Thanks a bunch man