By frosty812 »

This is my MyTeam

With the new duos, I'm looking to change my team.

I want/NEED the PD KD/D Klay duo... at (almost) ANY COST!

I want to keep KAT (coz he's good and selling for too little for it to be worth it), and naturally, I can't sell my rewards players (Lonzo+Simmons)

Basically, Curry, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Louis Williams, Charles Oakley, and Patrick Ewing are able to go. Who should I get rid of?

At this point, I want to keep Curry and Dirk if possible, but I recognise that Dirk probably needs to be sold. If Ewing or Oakley is sold, I'll probably sell the other one too.

Any players I sell will need to be replaced (but at this point amethysts are 500 so I'm not altogether worried), which is why Wade+Allen are high on my list to sell, although Allen probably won't sell for much, so Louis Williams might be better.


By kfman »

How much MT do you have?

By frosty812 »

Currently, I have 11K. However, I have already purchased PD KD and Diamond Karl Malone and sold Wade+Nowitzki. I am currently selling PD Louis Williams.

By kfman »

Yeah I would buy Diamond Klay. The KD/Klay duo is really good. Then I would put Klay in the Starting line up instead of Ray Allen. Then you have a decent team. Only issue I would have is Steph Curry as your starting point guard. On defence he's going to get picked on a lot. If you play against a large point guard or a Small forward at the point I would asjust your line up and put Ben Simmons in at Point. Then you would need another Small forward off the Bench. There's plenty of affordable diamond SF's. I would save up a little MT (Maybe like 20k mt by playing some games) then pick up a Diamond Lebron card.