By AlphaGoat »

i dont think 2k will do this but, i think it would be good for 2k lovers to have time and appriciate the entire city. Instead of calling it "The Neighborhood" they should call it "The City" . 

other then hoverboards, instagram for myplayer phones, and Gucci Stores. They should add Our choices of cars like LAMBOS, FERRARIS, and so on.... but what im saying is that i was just watching 2k park glitches, and i think they should extend out neighborhood and make it feel like GTA  a little beacuse 2k has all that time to make backrounds for the parks but they probs think its a waste of time for them to make a small court and the outside is all designed perfectly well but no one can enter it, well of course unless u get glitcht, NBA 2k19 has already extended the neighborood engouh for us with custom skateboards, bikes, t shirt designs, footlocker, dunk ocntest, trampolines, and DODGE BALL like damn 2k, ronnie u mad,...... anyway this is strictly my opionion, some of the things i say u mght disagree, but u know these are just my suggestions for NBA 2K20

By UncleCash »

i also think they should

By Chrissy1415 »

They should

By cavs4872 »

No; they retracted the Neighborhood cause it was a pain in the ass to navigate.

By silverhawk »

i dont think they should turn it into a city. when u said "make it feel like GTA a little" the game wouldnt be called 2k anymore, it would be called something comepletely opposite to it. if they added cars to the game, it would be stupid as 2k isn't about driving cars around and showing off if u have a LAMBO or a tesla. its about playing ball. if the game was set in a city, it would be an effort to go from basketball court to court to court to apartment. i like the idea of it being a city but it wont work