By kgb725 »

Steph curry is normally a 90 and he jumped to a 94 Embiid went from a 89 to a 92 and a few other players have jumped some tiers. Y'all investing in Heat checks ?

By 508G37 »

I think investing in heat checks is a bad idea. Ppl are paying out the ass for Curry and probably aren't even aware its only a 48hr boost. Plus it looks like theyre in the same packs as moments cards so they should lose value regardless due to how many packs will be opened throughout the year. Heat checks to me is pretty much a free agent moments card so I cant see how they would be valuable in the long run.

By Swiss49689 »

Heat check will be com-pletely cheap to complete later. These cards will not hold much value unless they allow boost to go higher then a plus 5 overall. Still, they won't be much more then 20 k for the best heat check cards and most likely under 10 k in a few months.