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My Lineup ->

As you may or may not be able to see, I have PD Kareem (not the Limited one, but still pretty godly)

The problem? The rest of my Roster is quite average. Yes, I do have some good players, but not ones that are really that great or mesh well together. 


Who should I get around him? NOTE: I do not play MyTeam Unlimited; I play Domination (Currently in normal dom coz I haven't played much)

I have no MT currently (Only 3k or so) and can sell any player on my roster, although I'd like to keep Kareem and probably Porzingis.

Other than the players visible, I have Ruby Joel Embiid, Heat Check (Ruby) DeMarcus, and Draymond Green (Sapphire).


What I would like is a team with a high 3pt calibre (Catch + Shoot and Quick release preferably) and great defence to back up Kareem, and then a solid bench (Coz I don't play the two together)


I almost have enough Tokens for the first Ruby reward, and any recommendations for that would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


A Roster I thought might be worth aiming for?, not sure about price/releases etc., but looks decent in pure stats

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By Daniel_Tarazona »

go get diamond klay...or pd griffin. kareem does not worth to build around. Oscar robertson is also really good

By frosty812 »

Are you kidding? Kareem is one of the top cards in the game. He didn't MISS in my first 3 games (15+ shots in every game) and got a triple-double in every one. I'd say he can run an offence. In fact, the first shot he missed was a half-court shot. Not counting that? About 7 games till first miss. He still averages 90%+ in FG% and 10+ rebounds per game (Only about 7 assists now though). I'd say he's better than PD Griffin and more Viable than Diamond Klay (Although both cards are solid, of course).

By ibra »

ruby reward eddie jones - perfect 3 & d player

ruby gerald wallace historic good defense and athletic

ruby trae young is a cheesy card for cheap either ruby young is good there is two

ruby porzingis or aldridge is just solid for what they do