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My New Squad for 12-0:

PG-95 Harden

SG-91 Jimmy Butler

SF-95 Lebron

PF-92 Draymond

C-95 Jermaine O'Neal

I run alot of defensive rubies off the bench rn for unlimited, so Ingles, Hamilton, Holiday, Conley, Bobby Jones, G Wallace, Cummings, Miles, amy Jaren. Im working on going 12-0 for Larry to put at the 4 and I also plan on getting the new diamond George to replace Jimmy at SG. I just have no clue on who is a solid PG who can knock down the 3 because Harden gets destroyed by bad D 9/10 times. Im also a bit stuck at center, because I can also get Ewing, Shaq, or Howard, really unsure. Id also like suggestions for good amy upgrades off the bench if any, just tryna build a solid team that can effectively match up against most if not every god squad. Let me know if I should add/change anything right now that'll make 12-0 easier as well. 


My Coach is Ruby Doc btw