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Not gonna lie to u....TTO is a trash mode for the park kids. If i were u i would stick to least there its more sim basketball. TTO is no different from blacktop a few years ago or whatever it was called where u got to use one of your cards and the cpu picked your other 2 cards. 


Im seeing 360 dunks between the legs in traffic on TTO...which is cool because thats that type of mode that is. 

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I was just up 15 to 8 vs a guy that only wanted to back down melo with his PD Larry. I shot open 3 pointer one after another until he came back and won. He  was shooting shots I contested in ways where I can only put my hands in the air and wonder WTF. That is frustrating. I hate this game because of that and because of how its not about skill. Of course, skill is needed but its not the only factors in winning. I seem to get equalized when I get to 18 or 19 points. I won't even pay attention to the score until I notice Im not able to score. It gets so Obvious I don't know why more people don't notice it. Some people are really bad at this game and when they somehow pull of a win they talk mad shit.


If you play TTO and talk shit about the person your playing and think its cool, your a major looser. Winners don't rub it in everyones face, i win most of the time. I am here to learn how to win, but some idiot tosses up half court shots and gets a win now has a boner for me while wasting his time sending me prases about himself. If I sent messages to every God squad I beat I wouldnt have as much time to play and learn more about the game.

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TTO has not been very rewarding lately! I have been totally screwed on how many hours and games won compared to pulls and the fuck tart ball drops.

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I just got beat by one of the worst teams ive ever played on TTO. All Sapphire's and the guy wasn't close to skilled. I feel from the start I couldn't do a damn thing. I was slow every time I tried to move in any direction. If I got bumped at all I lost the ball. When I made a clear good pass instead of passing right away my player would delay pass into easy steals for the other team. I was out-rebounded in ways I could not believe. When I do nothing but grind this mode and have an excellent team, but this shit ass game decides to screw you. That was one of the very worse skill wise players Ive been beat by. I was even trying to play it smart but I felt like my much better cards where nothing at all.

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Exactly, I'm not even playing online this year. Dealt with the equalizer too much to bear it any longer. The myteam community is so funny because both 5 outers and off ballers are frowned upon but it's the iso, dribble god, 5 out cheesers (park players) who have created the off ballers. That's the only way you have a chance at defending iso dribble gods. No, it's not because you can't defend them one on one it's because when you do defend them one on one your AI teammates turns into complete idiots and leave people wide open especially if they're playing 5 out. This is what happened to me every time last year: I play iso loving dribble warrior with somebody like Giannis playing pg and 4 other shooters. I play straight up defense on them and stop their penetration only to have my AI teammate come to help defend for no reason leaving a shooter open. This will happen every single play not to mention it allows them to build momentum which makes other dumb stuff happen. The ONLY way to counter this is to off ball. So, until 2k fixes that I will be a happy off ball defender at least when playing a 5 out cheeser. I recommend you do the same. If the equalizer is on you have almost no chance. It will allow a emerald Jason Willams to dribble circles around your PD player and there's almost nothing you can do about it but try to change the momentum I like to try and go to the post a bit when that happens. Still doesn't always work. 

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I agree, I on ball and off ball back n forth. This allows me to make on ball defensive plays while when i switch to off ball I can reset the defense. I find those that are crying about someone off balling are also off balling just as much or more. The arguement with any person isnt ever really worth it considering some just can't handle losing period. I have been able to win games when being equalized because some people are just that bad at the game. Honestly, the equalizer can make a 6 year old better then someone that plays online constantly with a greater team. I'm not kidding, when I almost lose my shit its when I know the guy I'm playing is new to the game. IT seems like the more I win and the better my team is the more I am equalized. I can't help but feel like 2k does this to limit my rewards, not to mention the ball drops are rigged half the time.

If I decided to dismiss the equalizer, I can't come off with anything that makes sense. I also have noticed a trend that near the end of a game I will miss more open shots. I try really hard to take the best shots possible and lately have been going for the easiest buckets just to seal the game. If I take wide open 2s or 3s, I'll miss even when they are timed good/great. The way I look for the equalizer is the animations. They tend to become much slower leaving your timing off natrually. I can still get the timing right but I tend to miss most of my shots when this happens. Once every 5 games on average. I've won 30-40 games straight while then losing 3 to people with sapphires.


TTO rewards are so rigged at times, but not all the time. I know when the game is allowing me to cash in on good drops. I also know when the game is minimizing my ability to get good rewards. There are days where I have played all day long and won most of my games. The amount I earned could be the same one day as 8 hours of grinding  to a day of 1 hours grinding TTO for rewards.