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My team is :

Starters : PD Magic - PD Baylor - D Pippen - PD Blake - PD Hakeem

Bench   :  D  Oscar -   D  Kobe   - D LeBron -  D  Gasol - D Gasol

I was thinking of replacing Pippen (or LeBron) with PD Giannis as he seems amazing in gameplay videos (and a lot of people cheese with him in TTO). But, since I play clamps defense, almost every opponent hasn't had the chance to do anything spectacular with him.

So, is he really worth getting ? His price is very high (on PC), around 800k.

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yes, he's better than elgin tbh

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I was thinking of replacing LeBron or Pippen, not Baylor (I have him at SG, he has been amazing).

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Giannis is pretty good. I had him but i just sold him to get pink diamond jordan. The thing that makes giannis so good is that u can play him at any position. Not really a good shooter though but if u need a playmaker with incredible size u cant go wrong