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This myteam league will give everyone 30 million (mt) salary cap and you can choose 13 rubies/sapphires for your team, you can do deals and try to get FA players(e.g. Galaxy Opals-Amethyst)

Galaxy Opal: 55 million dollars.

PD: 40 million dollars.

Diamond: 30 million

Amethysts: 20-25 million

Rubies: 15-18 Million

Sapphires: 10-15 million

Emerald: 5-10 million

Silver: 200k

Bronze: 10k-20k

NOTE: The rubies or sapphires you choose will not affect your salary cap.

EDIT: Also do a lineup of your team so you dont lose track of your cards and edit them.

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every body be doin this now lol im innnn

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im in boi

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I'm in for sure daddy

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GAMES: Currently the best team out is dank's team, and his potd nominee(s) are:


and 8301i1.png,

And vancouver mooses have some other potd nominees and 5-2 




Thank you for checking out this update in the season, and we will see you soon at 1 central time to give you more news.


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in tf