By JLBallin »

So I created a myplayer and then created his myteam card. I was unhappy with his stats and overall his build so I deleted that myplayer and created a new one. Was happy with the second try and wanted to make another myteam card but after entering the building, it just sits me down on the couch and unlike the first time doesn't let me chose my pose to create the card. I contacted 2K Support and they told me that they only allow the process done once per account as they don't want people abusing it. First of all, they are just emeralds and it would be dumb to use multiple myplayers on one team with so many better cards in myteam. In the end, I understand that you can't create more than one myplayer myteam card but they should allow you to replace the one you have if you want to change it. I had deleted my first myplayer so I was hoping the second one would take its spot. I hope they do that in the future as well as have the option to change your build and transfer the overall and items bought without creating another myplayer. 2K support ended up giving me 10K VC  

By OrangeCatMonkey88 »

Guess i got lucky. At release i tried it and it gave me a default 80ovr card. Not my attributes, animations, appearance, etc, nothing. Figured it was a glitch, didn't really care since i wasn't playing myteam anyway.


Anyway, a couple of months ago i started myteam and tried again. This time it had my appearance and animations (except dunks, i guess because i have packages that require a higher dunk rating than the card had in myteam). It's the sg shot creator and mostly has the same ratings as the default on this site though some are better. It's now an 84 in myteam (89 in mycareer) and actually pretty good for an emerald.


I did try uploading my other players after that but it didn't work. Guess i only get one second chance.