By frosty812 »

The last time I played MyTeam Unlimited I got destroyed by a team of Amethysts, this was my squad


My Squad now looks like this;

Which the new Ray Allen is absolutely FIRE with Magic Johnson


How can I change my MyTeam so I don't get decimated? My MyTeam has so much strength I can't see how I'm losing (other than the fact that I'm not great at the game).

My Coach is Dwayne Casey (Amy) and I have the Current Warriors Playbook. I'm also 1 token off a new Amy Rewards (I have Steph, Dirk, Nance)

By Just_Dunk_It770 »

If you have Xbox I will play you soon and try to make suggestions if you would like.

By frosty812 »

I'm on PS4 .-. Thanks for the offer though