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Don't be upset if I don't add you this is my opinion. Update it a bit from last time, Sometimes I forgot soome cards so some might be messed up but oh well.

#1 Derrick Rose made by DrZedd

  80024This card is highly underrated, should have 300 likes imo. Click here

#2 Giannis Antetokounmpo made by BonesNBA

98737Template is dope so as the card. Click Here

#3 Russell Westbrook made by Jairus872

96245Yup now it has 100 likes. Click here

#4 Dirk Nowitzki (RIP) made by DEEPINTHEQ15

96425Get this card back to 100+ likes he accidently deleted other one. Click here

#5 J.R. Smith made by DrZedd

85787This card is fire good quality and everything Click here

#6 Julius Erving made by BonesNBA

104072This template is godly. Click here

#7 Vince Carter made by PaulinoD

96563This is one of the best swaps ever created. Click here

#8 Kevin Garnnet made by BonesNBA

101040Once again this template is dope. Click here

#9 Kobe Bryant made by jksq

77357This template is fire so as the card. Click here

 #10 Lebron James (GOAT) made by Jairus872

79766The template.......... ONLY 30 likes if u see this like this card Click here

#11 Julius Erving made by DEEPINTHEQ15

102257Forget the template look at that ball.. Click here

#12 Vince Carter by Rebel2K

105421109/10 Template Click here

 #13 James Harden (gets every foul call) made by DEEPINTHEQ15

96520I love the 3d glasses on the player Click here

#14 Isaiah Thomas made by Jairus872

92064Perfect cut perfect card. Click here

#15 Jimmy Butler made by PaulinoD

70214Theres something about this card that i love so much idk if its the jersey or what. Click here

#16 Michael Jordan made by BonesNBA

105114Need... template Click here

#17 Stephen Curry made by BonesNBA

98862Fire.. im running out of things to say now. Click here

#18 Larry Bird made by rylieisabeast

89209Templates these days it makes the card look godly. Click here

#19 Dominique Wilkins made by BonesNBA

106865 This is one of the ones i forgot about my bad Click here

#20 Derrick Rose made by DrZedd

106559Perfect. Click here

Once again like the forum so I can look cool.

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what about the cotds?

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MJ is goat?

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Idk why, but I’m not a big fan of the Chains DRose.

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