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Goodmorning everybody,

i need, as title, some good suggestion for start with MyTeam. Of course im out of MT because i've start yesterday with myteam.

The question is, can someone tell me a good starting 5 at low budget, maybe like last year there are some good player at low price in the AH.



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Ruby Porzingis is always good, still had him on my bench until the amythest came out

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By 2kClutchKing »

PG-Ruby CP3

SG-Ruby Jimmy B

SF- Amethyst Jayson Tatum

PF- Kevin Love

C- Ruby Kareem


price: 15k!

By basketvector »

mmmm i have ruby Cousins in C position, found yesterday in the first pack i 've bought ( for mistake ) .

I have also bought in PF Al Herrington, maybe it's me but this man looks amazing when my team have the ball.... maybe suck a little in defense.


So i need CP3, Jimmy and Tatum GOT IT, thanks.


From the bench, i have Bledsoe(emerald), Lou Williams(gold), Ingram(emerald), Yanisova(gold), and Whitside(sapphire).

It will be a loooooong way for play with some diamond player.

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yanisova man whaaaat

By basketvector »

I know, but i dont have any MT at the moment for someone better.... give me some time :D

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i mean what is this name yanisova

By Pvh1103 »

Yi Jinliang Amythest is like 4k, get him! Then any version of the superstars... the big secret in 2k is that attributes are only part of the rankings. The tendencies for shot, 3 pts shot, and contested shot 3 are the same on most versions of the same player. High end example is PD harden with 88 ratings but 99 tendencies and can bang from half court. Porzingis, butler, PG13, curry, kyrie  etc will all hit open shots. Beat them with patience and open shots instead of relying on PDs to force bad baskets over weaker defenders.

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try Amy Horry I sniped for 2.9k price is going to go up that card is amazing.