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Yes, we are back with a new league,

If you wanna join, just say you want do.

Make a lineup with rubies/sapphires as placeholders

And then we'll have a draft league, All Star Draft, etc.

This league is new and improved!

Here are our prices for certain gem cards and enjoy the league experience!

(p.s. you have 50 million mt this time)

Pink Diamond: 100-150 million

Diamond: 70-100 million

Amethyst: 30-70M

Ruby: 0 mt(they are placeholders

Sapphire: again, 0 mt. you use them for placeholders, if you want to get a better sapphire, head on to free agents, youll get them for free.

Emerald: they are not even in the league lmao


Also, Free Agents are not free for other cards thats a amethyst and up.

EXCLUSIVE Free Agents are Free and have better stuff.

Anyways, this is the end of the post, Goodbye! See you in the league fellas!

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This interests me



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 I was in I swear

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UPDATE: If you run out of mt, dont worry, you'll get 10 million mt in 30 minutes and 20 million in a hour.


im in

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