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welcome i am excepting 6 people to join this.

GOAL:you are trying to stop thanos from snapping his finger's to wipe out half the basketball players. In order to do this you must beat the clones of thanos which are basketball players with the infinity stones.

i'll post the story in a sec

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I'm confused? 

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For years basketball has been a thing where you faced off for being the best team in the league. Now a man named thanos wants to wipe out half of all basketball players. in order to do this he needs the infinity stones. Now the ballers must team up to stop thanos from getting the stones. Thanos for years has hated basketball now it's time to stop him.

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i need help naming marve chartacters to be in it here's a idea of what i'm asking. hulk:derrick rose


Black panther:syephen curry

hulk :derrick rose

Thor: Kevin Durant

captain america:lebron james

Spider-Man:James Harden


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people in this to help stop thanos






6. YoKneesMineNow


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so a card contest?

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no a league something like that

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I’m in just let me know what I have to do

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