By franz13 »

perfect lineup is

 pd giannid/pd AD/ ak47

By RiFLE »

Limited Arenas is a god in TTO.

Other than this tall centers play and dunk like mfing wings in TTO. Play Shaq + Kareem + Giannis/Lebron/Magic and you can do anything you want.

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aka_DirtySwish said in Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 23:43 pm

I'm thinking having 3 versatile players that can do it all. Giannis, Kirilenko, & Michael Jordan has been my go to for a while, but can yall think anything better?

You pretty much nailed it; I personally would look at LeBron over Jordan for maximum versatility, but you already have a better team than most players.

By Tripod »

I use PD Kobe, LeBron, and AD. All are great shooters and defenders. 

By anphil »

Budget squad, so D Hayward, Kawhi and Kuzma

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By TheDraftGod333 »

I just use PD 20th Anniversary Giannis, PD 20th Anniversary Blake Griffin and PD Throwback Elite Pippen. Works for me as I win like 95% of my TTO games haha

By midloman »

I tend to go Mugsy, Manute, and a random 3rd.  I usally score before they realize what is happening.

By Mazaa »

Limited 98 Kareem is super awesome.

95 Diamond Iguodala with Kobe AD White Mid 3 point shoe is super cheesy and has almost 80% 3 point % in TTO.
For some really strange reason Kareem's screen is working best with Iguodala, about 95% of time.
Iggy has much better 3p% than Kobe, Kuzma, Pippen, Vince or Griffin for example.
Iggy has also steal 99 with that shoe and high On-ball steal tendency.

97 Kuzma and 97 Pippen are my other options. Both have 98 Open 3 and 98 Contested 3 with shoe and coach.

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