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New Collection Announcement

Me and PaulB are gonna be doing "Bracket Busters", showcasing some of the key players from the greatest upsets in NCAA history.


Reward: This player comes from the lowest seed to ever win an NCAA title.


1. This player comes from the only 16 seed to ever win a game

2. This player hit a legendary shot to sbeat a 1 seed and send his team to the Sweet 16.

3. This player led his team to the Sweet 16, making them the only 15 seed to ever do so.


1. His team became the second ever 11 seed to reach a Final 4,.

2. One of the top players from another 11 seed to reach the last 4- the third squad to do so.

3. His team became the fourth 11 seed in the Final 4.


1. A former NBA All-Star, led his team on an upset run to the title game as a 5 seed and barely missed a legendary game winning attempt at the buzzer.

2. A current NBA star, his team won as a 15 seed against a title favorite.


1. His team won as the 15 seed over a popular title game pick (who were led by a current Bulls player.)

2. Considered one of the greatest ever first-round upsets, this player starred on the first 15 seed to win a game.


1. A current NBA player, his team won as a 15 seed- one of two to do so in the same tournament.

2. Hit the game winner with under 7 seconds left to give his 15-seeded team a victory.


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We gonna se big dick Shabazz

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you put this is 2k18 :(

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