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ok people my last thing before i leave the site but that's not the point this is a redo of the first card contest i made back in september ok lets get these rules.

 you only get one chance so make it count. you guys will compete with the people in your side. one with the worse card loses and leaves. we keep doing that until we have the top one from each side.


  • any type of card (there's no theme) more points tho if you got a custom theme)
  • any basketball player from colledge to pro or whatever just has to be basketball.
  • try your best because this is my last thing before i leave the site so yea.
  • no PNG's

don't worry you will face off against someone your level first round after that it's better be better lol






First side

  1. bobQ~ 
  2. jondh
  3. GamoBoy
  4. Gradyjm
  5. TRXE120
  6. bigballer76
  7. MMoryTV
  8. Lil_johnstone

second side

  1. BrandonFTW
  2.  HoopinAlex1235
  3. CurryFam#30

  4. marcuslion
  5. mdpac
  6. theflugame
  7.  G-Roy
  8. DANK_M3M3S


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