By bigballer76 »

I will give my diamond Hayward and Amy Siakam and 10,000 MT for a Pink diamond Siakam anyone who is interested let me know.


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By Ninjaz »

Why do you want the PD Siakam??

By bigballer76 »

Because i am a raptors fan who really likes Siakam. Are you interested?

By ShaqAttack33 »

that isnt a good trade at all

By bigballer76 »

I know i'm looking for a good samaritan to agree

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By 2kmtcentral2016 »

How would that even be possible?

By colorful5heep »

You cant even trade in this game,what are you on about

By cudderisback »

Get garnett or davis, Siakam is a joke

By bigballer76 »

Lol this is old i already got Siakam a long time ago but thanks.