By Cr4zySteve »

This is my lineup right now -Ā


Have about 25k mt to spare - have tried out Nique, Clyde, Kawhii and Ariza butĀ haven't feltĀ like any of them had a consistent enough jumper/release.

Is Hedo still the best cheap sf even after the patch?

Note - I haven't tried English out yet but heard good things despite the 79 base 3

Tatum with limitless at 80k also seems intersting

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By MCDC7882 »

Amy Bruce Bowen Is A Better Darius Miles But Apart From That Your Team Is Pretty Good

By LeDupe »

As said above, good team overall but with 25k, it's gonna be hard for you to improve.

If you can get a Diamond Giannis to play on your starter at the 3 I think it'd be great. *Note: If you don't mind your 3 being a slasher/defender more than a shooter.



By MambaMentalitee »

Tatum is dooope. One of the best releases in the game from 3 imo. But way more than 25k..