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This is an exact copy of Macko's forum, which died down a while back. And now i'm taking over. The main reason I'm bringing this back is to make an alternative to the site's COTD system, which features alt boosting users. I will be the main judge. And of Course Shoutout to @LOKxICE for bringing back the idea. So, I've decided to make a thread like that to showcase the subforum's best cards of the day! I'll have three cards every single day, updated, and I'll keep track of who has the most COTD's. You Can only Post 3 Cards A Day, and there will also be 1 COTW. The Winner Gets To Post 1 Extra Card. Good luck to all of you!

- Only 3 cards a day (winner gets 4 the next day)
- Cards have to be in the picture format, copying image address, and pasting into the link icon
- All cards must be in the same size, use COTD archive for examples
- Cards have to be new (24 hours or sooner from when they were created)

Sunday's COTDs



Monday's COTD


Tuesday's COTD


Wednesday's COTD


Thursday's COTDs




Friday's COTDs

Saturday's COTDs



COTD Counter
@8thGFX (26)
@Jairus872 (20)
@DRose1MVP (16)
@PaulinoB (15)
@PaulinoD (13)
@2K_Cards (11)
@LOKxICE (11)
@ADAM0418 (6)
@GeckoGod00​ (6)
@RyanForney22 (5)
@betterthanyou (3)
@cjb856 (2)
@DrZedd (2)
@Rylieisabeast (2)
@vincecarter15 (2)
@Baller3000 (1)
@bearcatsnation42 (1)​
@theflugame (1)
@TRXE120 (1)
@XM20 (1)

COTW Counter
@PaulinoD (6)
@DRose1MVP (1) 
@DrZedd (1)


















































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