By mort26 »

Hey guys. I managed to grind my playmaking athletic finisher to a 94 overall before even thinking of hitting up any online modes, and for the most part, it's been fun. But, a bad team in the Jordan Rec Center is like pulling teeth.

These guys who were playmaking shot creators/slashers who couldn't even score on, let alone get by offensive builds were getting mad when I wouldn't screen when I had a pure lock (moved up from SF to PF)  defending me at the 4. If you can't even beat a sharpshooter off the dribble, how can I even help you?

Not to mention the brickfest I just played where this guy hopped on his mic to yell, "POWER FORWARD, BACKDOOR CUT TO THE BASKET!" Let alone all the other problems in the offense... you think I can carry the team off backdoor cuts. Meanwhile, he just yelled about cluttered space under the rim and nobody leaking out to the perimeter.

Idk if people forget this is a game or what. The incessant bitching and whining is unbearable.