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That's my all pink cards(Yao gonna sell, got from locker code), also have lots of diamond's and amy's (if any are overpowered)


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I personally like to run a speedy ineup that can either shoot or defend lights out, or ideally do both, so here's your best trios *imo*

- Baron, Kawhi, B Russell

- Baron, Jordan, B Russell

- Grant, Granger, B Russell

- Grant, Ray, B Russell

Russell is a no brainer for me lol, I've used him alongside Pippen and GO Walt Frazier for as long as I can remember. The others are kind of your personal preference, for example whether you mind running a true pg or not. Good luck!

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I go with Baron, Jordan, Russell. 2 wins, but opponents wasn't tough.

Thanks for help

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vince granger tmac