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Keep in mind all of these are in my opinion and your opinion may vary and all of these predictions are dependent on wether the player is there or not.


1. Pelicans - If im the pelicans im obviously either taking zion or ja. there a two directions the team can take in regards to this pick. you could either go the trade AD route and go full rebuild and choose either ja or zion or you could trade the first pick for another star who ad is happy to play with. either of these paths would be suitable but im going to go with the first one and besides the first one might be able to convince ad to stay depending on who they select.


2. Grizzlies - the grizzlies are in a strange situation because if the pelicans draft ja then go zion and play him at sf along with JJJ at pf however if the pelicans go zion then do you go ja or rj because the grizzlies already have mike conley and if you do go ja do u trade conley and get a better sg or do u make conley or ja run the bench and be the first scoring option in the bench unit. whichever direction they end up choosing i think the grizzlies will be fine in this situation.


3. Knicks - the knicks are not in the situation they wanted to be in that is very very clear. however they arent in a horrible situation by any stretch of the imagination. they already have knox and mrob so if ja falls they take ja and either relegate dsj to the bench or trade him due to chemistry because dsj is a very very confident player who believes in himself a lot. however if rj is there and ja goes 2 or 1 then you have choices and lot of them however the perfect pick for this situation would be rj obviously.


4. Lakers - the lakers got the fourth pick even though they dont need anymore young talent. none the less they have it and with it i think if they want to make a pick then they either pick a sg such as jarret culver or a centre which could either be jaxson hayes or bol bol however both of those players would be drafted way to high for the other talent that would be on the board however it is what LA needs but i do think culver could become a cj mcollum type player it all depends on who leaves and comes to LA.


5. Cleveland - the cavs could literally select anyone and it would help them in any sort of way. the only position that i would say is sort of not needed is pf as k love is still a very useful and starting caliber pf. now the fact that could use anyone makes this pick very easy and straight forward for them in my opinion they could just select the best player on the board however if they do decide they need a certain postion i could definitely see them selecting either cam reddish, deandre hunter rui hachimura or jarrett culver if he isnt taken by LA.


6. Suns - suns need a pg thats the bottom line they desperately need a point to play alongside booker. there a two very very solid pg's after ja in coby white and darius garland. however i think the better fit would be coby white due to his playmaking and his defensive ability which is significantly better than garland more so the defence rather than the playmaking. i think coby white would compliment booker quite nicely however i dont want booker to become a klay thompson type player i would love to see booker stay as the number one option.


7. Bulls - the bulls have two postions that are set and one that could be improved but doesnt need to be. the two positions set are sg and pf in lavine and markannen and the other position is centre in wendell carter jr. i think pg is fine atm but sf needs to be improved so if they fall i can definitely see them selecting someone like rui hachimura, deandre hunter or cam reddish but i doubt cam reddish will fall to 7 because you have the cavs selecting before you who would most likely select reddish.


8. Hawks - the hawks are in a very good state for the future with trae young and john collins as their young core. with this pick i see them picking someone whos a sf as taurean prince isnt the best starting so i could see them drafting somebody like rui, j culver or deandre hunter if they are available. although i do think they need more of a role player rather than a go to scorer because they already have trae young as mentioned earlier.


9. Wizards - the wizards are in a very weird situation as they have beal and wall however i seriously doubt wall will be the same as his game depended somewhat heavily on his athleticism which would have been affected by his injury. they have their scorer and they do need a very capable defender so i could see them taking someone like jaxson hayes to be mentored by dwight in the art of blocking shots or someone like nassir little who could blossom into a very versatile defender like a poor mans kawhi but with a more raw offensive game or if they really wanted to go defence you could go with Bol Bol.


10. Hawks - the hawks had a very good draft getting two lottery picks as one of the picks could be used in a trade of some sort but i do highly doubt that they do as they would most likely prefer to build through the draft like previous years. i have them taking a valuable role player who can score the ball so i think they may take a defensive minded player at this pick.


11. Timberwolves - the timberwolves need a starting caliber sg or pf more so a pf. I can definitely see them selecting someone like brandon clarke or kevin porter jr.


12. Hornets - the hornets need to let kemba go they need to let him sign with a team like utah if they do let him go and its full rebuild time they can literally select anyone and they will help right away and if the develop him properly they could develop into a future star so the best on the board is who they are likely to select.


13. Heat - the heat are one of those teams who arent too good now and who dont have the greatest future they have a plethora of forwards so anyone but a forward is who they need someone like an overseas prospect such as Sekou doumboya or Goga bitadze or luka samanic who they could work on and develop. 


14. Celtics - the celtics could literally take anyone at this position but if brandon clarke is there then they should 100% take him due to the lack of help at the power forward position just in case marcus morris regresses or if kyrie leaves and jayson tatum needs to play sf and take on the scoring load so brandon clarke would be a very nice complementary peace.


1. Zion Williamson

2. Ja Morant

3. RJ Barrett

4. Jarrett Culver

5. Cam Reddish

6. Coby White

7. Deandre Hunter / Rui Hachimura

8. Rui Hachimura / Deandre Hunter

9. Jaxson Hayes / Nassir Little

10. Bol Bol

11. Kevin Porter Jr / Brandon Clarke

12. Best player available

13. Sekou Doumboya

14. Goga Bitadze / Brandon Clarke