By Babyassisin »

Ok, so this is getting ridiculous now 2k myteam been hating on curry he put up 33 points in a win against the rockets to advance to the next round right next game is series opener against trail blazers he puts up 36 points and 7 assist yesterday he put up 37 points 9 rebounds and 8 assist close to a trip dub if any other player gets that 2k will be right on to making that card. What im wondering is why 2k is making cards for every player with little stats but not curry oh also he had a 38 point game in the first playoff game like come on stop disrespectin curry like dat best point GOD in leage 9 3 pointers most 3 pointers all time in league history at least a diamond card for my fav player.

By Jeremythebeastmartin »

Exactly i was thinking the same thing and came on here to see if im not the only one and i THOUGHT they would make one for him cause he dropped 47 points in game 3 of the finals but no they dropped a Galaxy Opal James Harden And Yao Ming like really