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One thing I really like about this site is the lineup creator. I use it probably the most of the features on here-  everything from lineups aimed towards the actual game, such as another place to put together and view my own lineups (as opposed to within the game) as well as players I want to  eventually pick up. I spend much more time than I'd like to admit making lineups categorizing players all sorts of ways. 

One thing that could make sorting lineups easier for people who make a lot would be the ability to put them into folders, or a way to mark as part of a certain group (sort of like an email inbox i guess) .This would make it much easier to organize all the lineups a user has created. Right now, the search function can be helpful to filter through, but having lineups with similar names (and with the names of lineups being uneditable) can make it a little difficult to sort. While it's my fault for making lineups with similar names, making them hard to sort through, I think adding lineup organization would be beneficial overalll. 

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I'll bring this to the community's attention

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