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Before I start, shout out to @Baller3000 and @LOKxICE for inspiration for me to do this. Ik I’m irrelevant but I think everyone likes to have s card creator rating. That’s what I hope to do. So it’s gonna be like every card creator rating list but i’m using LOK’s way coz I think it’s the best way to tell a card creator rating. All the ratings will be down below. Rules are: 1) You should make at least 1 card to qualify, 2) PNG’s are welcome, to low ratings of course and lowest overall I could give you is 65. 3) You can suggest up to 5 people who qualify. I hope I get this list filled and, I guess I’ll smell ya later


*Also rating changes every Friday

*And every Friday I can add 5 good card creators to the list just so that it’s longer (pause)



99 - BonesNBA (The GOAT of 2KMTCentral card creating. Nothing much to say here, his cards are literally better than 2K’s.

98 - PaulinoD (For me the second man to Bones, I love Paulino. He’s been making insane swaps and if not, great regular cards. Paulino makes crazy good cards to summarize.)

98 - DrZedd (There was a stretch where The Doctor wasn’t making cards, but then as free agency passed he EXPLODED. Great swaps from him.)

98 - Jairus872 (Nothing really to say about Jairus872. Amazing at swaps, amazing at custom templates, an all-around guy.)

98 - DEEPINTHEQ15 (My #1 fave card creator, his cards are awesome. From the swaps, to the bg, to the everything, DITQ got it all.)

97 - betterthenyou (An absolute GOD at card creating, he’s very creative and cards are simply one of the best right now.)

96 - PaulinoB (A GOD at card creating and I could give him higher if he posted more recently. All-Around great guy but inactivity somehow holds him back.)

94 - Batinather (Bat is really good and I could give him higher, but I assume he’s waiting for 2K20. The inactivity got him here, but his ovr won’t go down due to HOF Status.)

93 - MrYellowFlash (YellowFlash is one of the best swappers imo. Really specializes on it and cards like those are fuego.)

92 - DANK_M3M3S (I love Dank’s cards coz all of them just look neat. The swaps, the positioning, the lighting, the everything. Dank is amazing, and it’s not his best form yet.)

92 - KennyWWE2 (I think he could be higher if he posted more recently, but he’s doing really good, swaps are above average and just an all-around good card creator.)

89 - 2K_Cards (At some point, I thought Sir 2K_Cards would be one of the best, then he said he’s stopping creating cards. A really good creator that’s creative and really good.)

88 - 8thGFX (One of my favorites imo. His cards look aesthetically pleasing and 2K20 hasn’t come out yet, but his cards look really hot.)

84 - Labrawn (I think I fit best here, I use PhotoShop and I’m def above average. I’ve done custom temps before and get a decent amount of likes so I think I fit best here.)

83 (+4) GamerVince_YT (My neighbor Vince man... he’s rising to become a really good card creator. Swaps are above average, good at temps, he’s a high riser..)

83 - ggsd (One of the best swappers in the site imo. Although that is the case, positioning is way off sometimes. I’m not a half body guy but swaps are still good nevertheless.)

81 - H4k33m (Not gonna complete his name. K33m has his fair share of love and hate, but his card creating game was actually decent.)

79 (-1) - DrewBerry (The idea of Drew coming back makes me happy. He was a decent card creator, but this rating could go down as the weeks go by if he don’t upload.)

78 - cjb856 (I could give him higher, but he goes unnoticed sometimes. Underrated imo, his cards are almost like mine without the custom temps.)

77 - lisi (Lisi is really unique. His cards just look nice and the creativity is written all over him. Although there are cons at times with his cards like the abscence of background.) 

77 - marcuslion (Ok card creator, decent at best when making cards but positioning is way off sometimes. Overall decent card creator.)

77 - MMoryTV (MMory keeps getting better, but sometimes he’s lazy. Sometimes the BG isn’t B&W and positioning is off. MMory has lots of potential though.)

76 - ItzAxxe (It’s been a while, he uses PhotoShop but he’s just off at one point in a card. There’s at least one con in every card, but PhotoShop exists, so yeah.)

75 - langj25 (His cards aren’t the best. But his Too Tall collection looks pretty ok and I personally like it myself. He’s creative, but can’t put it out the best way.)

73 - TTV_Fcppearl (A decent card creator that always wants to get noticed. Shout out to you, but your cuts on B&W BGs are bad and they’re not things that result to lots of likes.)

66 - KINGJAMES62 (I remember KJ made a Tatum and PG13 card and it was bad, but it was a card and it kinda had a bg so that’s def not a 65.)

65 - ilikedadjokes21 (Sorry dadjokes. Great user though.)

65 - AtomicJaguarBeast (No description required. Just trash. *sorry*)


Say some shit if you wanna be added!

Also thanks a lot for the support!

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