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Welcome to my league this is the place where we will have 16 people. There will be 10 games. Everybody will start with a default team so that we don’t take a lot of time drafting. 

Also if you are not on for a while basketball players on your team with leave your team.


GAMES: the games with be simulated but everything with be counted.

EXAMPLE: overall

Games will be every Tuesday and Thursday.


NEWS/STANDINGS: the standings will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday. The news will be every Friday. About players of the week, team of the week and injuries.


BIDS/DRAFT: this is a little different than a normal draft mainly because people aren’t on all the time. Ok, now its more like a bid but you guys have $500 to put on players. Every game you win you get $500 more dollars to put on people. When you lose games you get $200 to put on players. The people that are up for grabs will be on my lineup called draft league. You must sent how much you are spending on players to me personally or it will not be counted. You will need the following.

Name of player, how much money you want to put on them.

New players will be added every Monday and Wednesday.


TRADES: you can trade with anybody that wants to but you have to make sure I see it or it does not count. Best way to do this is to post it on the forum or text me personally.


OFFERS: every once and while a basketball player will want to join your team you can accept or decline (keep in mind if you decline you might not see them again).


INJURIES: injuries happen because otherwise, you could have the most overpowered team that wins every game. These have a chance of happening after every game and will be announced on news.


FREE AGENTS: these are players that you can have for free but you can only take one every 24 hours these will be on my lineup called free agents. This will be updated every Monday and Wednesday.

SELLING PLAYERS: you can now sell players for a price you want.


PLAYOFFS: lucky you no matter what you have a chance at the championship game. But the better you did in the normal season the better team you play. You can lose only once before you are out.


CHAMPIONSHIP: The ultimate test or did you make a good team. Like a normal game, it will be simulated but every single detail will make sure if you had the better team you will win.


If this league goes well I might hold another one and if I do the people who were in this one joins the next one you guys will get to keep your team.



Good luck at making it to the top.

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People that join / coaches

First side

1.KINGJAMES62      team name: SOARING EAGLES


3.mootew               team name:New York niggerbockers

4.ATVLogan            team name:California Grass-Blades


6.jj010406                team name:The Latin Kings

7.blahblah               team name:The red raccoons


Second side

1.AtomicJaguarBeast  Team name:Huskys

2.StarGazer131      Team name:San Fran StarGazers



5.bobQ~                team name: All i do is lose

6.bros2                  team name: toronto talens



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Imma go 0-5000. Yes Ik there aren't 5000 games.

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do i have too pick a name?

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when is this gonna start? You said it would start in September 

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yea we can start early

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im in second


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