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Year after year, the 2K franchise has put out a great product - NBA 2k20, it has many fans gushing over the smooth graphics and features. The NBA 2k20 mt is very important in the game and can be used to buy players at the auction house and form a star team. In addition to getting NBA 2k20 mt through the game, you can also buy mt NBA 2K20 at u4gm, which is the fastest and most effective way. Click here for details: Today to share how to get all the ruling rewards in the NBA 2K20.

Domination is a game mode within MyTeam that allows you to play in various leagues and earn prizes along the way. It is also the best way to get a stable MT credit stream with the NBA 2K20 while getting a new card pack and top players for your roster.

Instead of having a linear path on which team to play against, Domination in NBA 2K20 now allows players to select which team to battle. Dominating each division will reward you with a fixed amount of tokens, and Dominating multiple divisions will unlock the top three teams in each league.

There are a total of three main leagues in Domination: NBA, Fantasy and All-Time. Each league has a total of 33 teams, and you simply need to dominate every single one to earn the prized card for the league.

In order to dominate each team, you simply need to win the game and achieve a three-star rating by earning a certain amount of MT Points during the match. Try to score off assists on the fast break for the "assist" and "fast break score" bonuses. The games get harder as you go. So, you'll have to adjust your playstyle along the way depending on what shots start missing. Simply put, the more shots and possessions you get, the more points you can accumulate. You just have to find a balance as far as when it's okay to run and when you should slow the game down. Because of the MT Points requirement, you need to perform well on both offense and defense to maximize your MT earnings per possession.

Play on-ball defense. The computer will eat off mid ranges contested by your CPU if you don't. You can off-ball help but the computer likes to pull up off the pick and roll. You may as well try to on-ball contest as much as you can. Also, don’t try to jump for blocks. Just play hands up to the defense with the right stick when in the paint. You'll get called for fewer fouls and contest the CPU just enough to force more misses and get out on the break. If you don't get a good fast break scoring opportunity though, don't force it. That's what your post player is for. Run a 4 out pick and roll to collapse the defense for open shots or just dump it down low for the easy two.

These are our guides on how to win all the ruling rewards in the NBA 2K20. To learn more about how to get NBA 2k20 mt, please visit here.

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