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Crusade2K said in Sunday, January 26th, 2020 18:20 pm

Smith pauld

Ok so I can't count this vote as there's no way to verify whether or not it's a double vote from a user that's already voted from the group

From now on please refrain from using this account to vote on this thread & instead use your personal account

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Before I get into this wk.'s COTW winner, I'd like to pay my respects to not only a legend of the game, but a global icon & ambassador for millions around the world. Today, we lost a legend who was just beginning to write the second half of an already awe-inspiring legacy. What's even more heatbreaking is the loss of his daughter who was just embarking on her own aspirations in life. Extremely saddening day. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, as well as those of the victims in this tragic accident.

@PaulinoD's 'GLITCHED' J.R. runs away w/ 6/10 total votes (including mine) this wk. as he seals his 4th COTW. As always I'd like to take the time to s/o our other participants who always put up a great fight: @8thGFX & @DEEPINTHEQ15. The card is perfectly executed, flawless in every aspect. Unlike previous weeks where my vote may have been up in the air, there was absolutely no hesitation. In terms of the quality this card exhibits, it is A1 & showcases an outstanding creator's strengths elevated to the top of his game. Very well done!

This' @PaulinoD's 4th HOF Ballot as his streak of perfect COTDs continues, he's yet to lose when he posts which is a remarkable feat only matched by @LOKxICE who managed to secure a 13/13 conversion rate (if I remember correctly). Again, this' a testament to where hard work & hrs upon hrs of dedication can get you.

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Tuesday's selection is open!


Friendly reminder that you can only post 1 card per day unless you won the previous day! Then you can post 2.

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I think everyone should take a 24 hour break from posting here in honor of Kobe Bryant

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It don't seem right to post virtual basketball cards when one of the greatest players of all time just was killed in a horific accident

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yes 24 hours to honor a legend 

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2K_Cards said in Monday, January 27th, 2020 15:39 pm

I think everyone should take a 24 hour break from posting here in honor of Kobe Bryant

Im all in for paying respect for a legend but the fact that this IS virtual cards and almost everyone on this site has made a kobe card i don't think its necessary. I say that with the upmost respect for Kobe & GiGi Bryant, R.I.P

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BTY is right