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Our winner for this wks COTW is @DEEPINTHEQ15's 'ALL-STAR 2020' Booker as he streamrolls the competition yet again w/ 5/9 total votes (mine went to @PaulinoD's 'CHI 20' Miles). Once again, I would like to extend both my respect & gratitiude to everyone else who managed to secure a COTD over the past wk. These people include: @8thGFX, @jmmstate & @PaulinoD. It seems that the formula for success has been unlocked by @DEEPINTHEQ15, who has consistently managed to secure the top vote for COTW. This' now his 3rd straight COTW as he has locked in 6 of the last 8 also.

The card istelf is immaculate, w/ a temp that we've already marvelled our eyes upon. Player editing & swapping is fantastic as usual (you know what you're getting w/ @DEEPINTHEQ15). Again, in terms of improvements (just from a visual standpoint) I feel as if the player cut could be lowered slightly so it doesn't protrude the beautiful border. Perhaps it can add a sense of wholeness to the card, but who am I to give advice to a veteran of the card creating game.

This' @DEEPINTHEQ15's 13th HOF Ballot as he inches closer & closer towards a 70% conversion rate. He has managed to seal the #1 position in all major categories on this thread, something we've never seen anyone do before. That includes COTD/COTW total counts as well conversion rates for both. He continues to stride ahead in total COTW votes w/ 95 secured so far this yr.

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Our streak of COTD submissions has unfortunately come to a close w/ 159 straight days of at least 1 submission. Although this' a bummer, the thread will continue to be regularly updated (it's an honour to be able to run this w/ my team)




Tuesday's selection is open!


Friendly reminder that you can only post 1 card per day unless you won the previous day! Then you can post 2

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Oh i don't see that was 1 card a day sorry !