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The reason I'm dining this with 2K16 is cuz I wanna do it with all of the 2K's. No there are no co advisors in this league, and 2K sims everything. There r only 2K16 cards in this league so ur lineup will have to have 2K16 cards in it.


1. Milwaukee Huskies

2. Toronto Talons

3. New York Ballers

4. Anchorage Eskimoes 

5. Tampa Bay Tarpons

6. Los Angeles LeBrons

7. Space time Tyrants

8. California Grass-Blades


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toronto talens


NY Ballers 

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Anchorage Eskimoes 

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Tampa Bay Tarpons

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Los Angeles Lebrons

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Code for 90 Kevin McHale

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Each user in this will have a one up for them, specifically and I will choose 13 random players out of the whole nba each 7 days and they will get to put those players on their lineups.

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