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cOk it's irrelevant boi bacc at it but I realized that a lot of things from 2K19 are returning from 2K20 like the COTD, card comps, showcases, etc. But I realized where did the GO 256 Tournament go? That was really fun until cdub got banned. Now that 2k20's here, I'd like to take over. Here's the OG forum to freshen you up:


1. The 256 players will be determined. Users are allowed to request up to 8 players they want. These players shouldnt be the usual guys like MJ, Bron, Kobe, nope. I'd like to get young studs, historic legends, the memes, you get the point. MVPs are also not allowed (except for D-Rose to avoid anger and controversy lol). DM the players to me.

2. After that, I'll randomize the spots for the 256 players and a bracket will be made.

3. When all that's set, the votation will begin. Everyday, a matchup will occur and the users (who care) vote which card is better. That's gonna happen until such time we have a winner!

What do u guys think? If u like it, then DM me some players if you have in mind. Thanks :D

Also IDK if this will go well but sure hope it does :)


- Karl Anthony Towns

- Andrew Wiggins

- Jayson Tatum

- Jaylen Brown

- Stephon Marbury

- Luka Doncic

- Kristaps Porzingis

- Zion Williamson

- Rudy Gay

- DeMar DeRozan

- Bryn Forbes

- Lonnie Walker

- Marco Belinelli 

- Manu Ginobili

- Vinny Del Negro

- Danny Green

- Bradley Beal

- CJ McCollum

- Morris Peterson 

- Robert Covington

- Tony Parker

- Thanasis Antetokounmpo

- Ricky Ledo

- Fat Lever

- Brian Scalabrine

- Dennis Rodman

- Lamar Odom

- Marc Gasol

- JamesOn Curry

- Antawn Jamison

- Stephen Jackson

- Steve Francis

- Jaren Jackson Jr.

- Mike Conley

- Dillon Brooks

- Ja Morant

- Ricky Rubio

- Tony Allen

- Zach Randolph

- Bryant Reeves

- Arvydas Sabonis

- John Lucas

- Jerry Lucas

- Fred VanVleet

- Pascal Siakam

- Kyle Lowry

- Serge Ibaka

- Chris Boucher

- OG Anunoby

- Matt Thomas

- Khris Middleton

- Eric Bledsoe

- Brook Lopez

- George Hill

- Ersan Ilyasova

- George Hill

- Klay Thompson

- Paul George

- Donovan Mitchell

- De'Aaron Fox

- Kemba Walker

- Trae Young

- Caris LeVert

- Marvin Williams

- Josh Smith

- Muggsy Bogues

- Ricky Rubio

- Patty Mills

- Luis Scola

- Tracy McGrady 

- Bruce Bowen

- Chauncey Billups

- Desmond Mason

- Jason Richardson 



- KJ Castledine



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THANKS TO: TWolvesFan#21, LOKxICE, GamerVince_YT, betterthenyou, 8thGFX, AtomicJaguarBeast

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Hey lets talk about dat :D

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Rudy Gay, Demar Derozan, Bryn Forbes, Lonnie Walker, Marco Bellinelli, Manu Ginobili, Vinny Del Negro, and Danny Green

edit: oh shit it said DM

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cj McCollum,bradley beal, andrew wiggins,morris peterson

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anyone? lmao

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Curry,lbj,jordan,roco,tony parker,giannis,thanasis anteokounmpo,ricky ledo,fat lever,scalabrine

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GamerVince_YT said in Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 11:38 am

Curry,lbj,jordan,roco,tony parker,giannis,thanasis anteokounmpo,ricky ledo,fat lever,scalabrine

i'll remove curry bron mj giannis coz they're mvps

i think you exceeded but at this point we need it so thanks lol

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Denis Rodman, lamar Oden, Marc Gasol, Jameson Curry, Antawn Jamison, Steven Jackson, Steve Franchise, Luka Doncic, :)

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