By donnymost68 »

I swear to god the only thing that truly makes my blood boil in this game (besides the laggy gameplay) is people who run shooters at every position, and sit in 5-out. When I play man, the pg usually spams way too many goddamn dribbles, and blows by me w little issue. When I play zone, the pg still spams dribbles until both elbows have wide open shooters. If it's JR and Kobe I'm basically fucked. If anyone here knows how to deal with these people any advice would be great.

By Lebrons4thRing »

Not much you can do lol. It’s just bad luck running into those guys. Quick first step on point guards makes it so easy to blow by and pass to open shooters or score every time. Ur best chance is to force them to take layups every time and either match or shoot threes on the other end