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This is card creator rating for anyone that wants to be rated, this is based all on card creator skill and involvement with the community. *Also don't get offended* 

BTY - 96 - Amazing card creator.  Great temps and everything. He's is one of the best and is always on COTD for good reason. Has over 1000 cards made and 5000 comments just an amazing user. 

Paul B - 93 - Every and I mean every card is a W. His cards are some of the best and has some great temps. Amazing card creator and good to the people. The only thing is I wish he did more swaps and thats not even a bad thing. 

H4KK3m - 90 - The G.O.A.T of the site. Makes great cards and is one if the best in the community always helping. Like what hasn't he done. There really isn't any bad to say about the O.G. 

KennyWWE2 - 89 - Kenny is a G on the site, very good card creator and has great ideas on his temps . Some people hate him on the site mostly cause of the trolling but he helps alot of the community. 

2k_Cards - 88 - Came in and made a big impact, great card creator and his temps are very nice. Got way better over time even though his first cards are great and is still improving but for the most part he is a very talented creator. 

Tryhard31 - 88 - Great card creator temps are fire and good with the community as well. Also recent to the site and already is a very good card creator. Swaps are also very well done and very creative. 

Milkman525 - 86 - Good card creator and good to the community. Had some recent controversy over alts but made the wrong a right by starting over . Good friend and always helpful. 

MMoryTV - 83 - Great community member, and is a good card creator as well his photo selection is always on point but not every cut is done as good as he can. Other than that, he helps alot of the new people and is one of the nicest you will meet on the site. 

Mikedaboss - 81 - Doesn't have alot of cards yet. But has some good temps. Just needs a little work but nothing major but needs to be more intune with the community.

CJB - 80 - Pretty decent creator. Just wish you tried some temps. There is alot of effort and he's been getting better with everything he does. 

Cavs2019champs - 78 - Up and coming card creator trying his best. Has really good ideas and not the worst swaps either. He's gonna improve just like everyone else. 








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oh i thought u were doing ratings?

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