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First of all, heres my lineup:

So first of all, Robert Pack is pretty much safe until I have an all sapphire lineup, and I am ready to get ruby bledsoe.

Heres what I want out of the rest of my starters though. I want an all sapphire starting lineup. I want to replace SF, then SG, then C, then PF. When a starter is replaced, he moves to the bench on my team.

For SG: I LOVE Majerle because he is ok inside, has GREAT D, and knocks down any open 3. I will get his ruby when he is not on bench bc you cant dupe, but until then I need a nice sapphire

For SF: I really like how things are going with PG, but things need to change. He will most likely be the first to be replaced. He is ok at threes which is nice, but I want someone who is pretty much a PF who has a decent open 3. Alos high speed and stamina.

For PF: Phil Jackson is the player that everyone should have. I wish there was a ruby of him, but unfortunanlty not. I need a better version of him pretty much.

For C: I have been struggling with this spot for a while now. No one seems to fit tbh. Dawkins ruby will be on the starters for sure soon, but now I need a sapphire to keep a budget. I've tried a lot, and I actually need help on this one.

Please reply and thanks!


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