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These are accurate, come on in

LOKxICE: 99- (Not much to say, hes the G.O.A.T. His temps, cuts, ideas, everything is perfect, theres nothing wrong with any of his cards.)

PaulinoB: 96- (One of the top card creators, I can tell he knows photoshop like the back of his hand. Creativity is good, so are his bomb ass temps.)

theflugame: 95-(Really neat stuff, I love his cards. His creativity is nice and he usually gets everything right.)

2K_Cards: 93- (Hes got neat temps and shit, but somethings off sometimes. Still a great cc. Oh and btw those moments look fye.)

Vaggo: 92- (Awesome customs, young creator, very bright future. Part of corrupted so well.... he good.)

Alieks: 91- (Really nice cards, moments too, and has a great custom rewards template. Part of Corrupted so ofc he´s really good lmao.)

Wyattdunkk: 82- (Good customs and quality is good most of the time, just needs a bit more in his customs.)

HippityHoppity: 79- (Good basic cards, quality is great sometimes but juts ass others. Very streaky, that brings you down.)

jj010406: 79: (Makes customs, not that great, and quality is off. Still, he took the jump to customs so that brings you up.)

Lrice: 78: ( Doesnt make customs, has a few good cards and the rest are... eh. Still not too bad, has the basics down.)

Skrillex: 76-( Very very new cc, and hes already got most of the basics down, and quality keeps getting better. Honestly he could really be sumday, Aweosome attitude toward creating.)


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ill take one 

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a cc ratings forum i see, i’d like to get a rating

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ello m8


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IGht sho

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ight i will take one 

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same as ryan