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lmao oops

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i copy pasted it didn't work

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PaulinoB said in Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 0:32 am

lets do it


This right here is amazing. I mean, this would take me a long time to make and I still wouldnt do as good as you. This temp idea was orginated by 2K19's Triple-Double, as the BG stayed the same. I really like how you transformed the temp from last year into this year, and ngl,looks better. The outline is very cool, adding the blue and red gradient and the Text bar looks outstanding, although, I see the text bar (light blue) outline is pointed up a lil on the left side and is not lined up with the other side.


The cut, i mean I dont need to talk about becuase it's a good clean cut as I would say, I would encourge you to maybe add a lil more efffects to the westbrook itself, like maybe some curves, sharpen a little more, or some camera raw filters. The red and green/blue effects are solid, can really see the graphics in the outside of the player and it stands out. Watermark will never mark you down in this comp, unless the watermark is disturbing or doesnt make any sense, I like the watermark of your by the way. 


All of this deserves a fair score, a 87/100, the highest rank any user has gotten in my comp, which also means you are locked in for the next round starting Wednesday, good card and cant wait to see more. :)

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forgot bout dis lmao

hol up i got sum comin

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Well, I dont have much to say here cause it's not good, and its DITQ coloring temp so its not really owned by you. Text's are all wrong, try a barlow condensed font for the name, and that name is way to fat of a font. Cut is decent, no effects and really no effort put into this.


Nothing really pops out but its a decent card, and all the comps youve done with me, this is your best card yet. But, still not worthy enogh for a high score, you get a 27/100 for a solid effort, and since many user arent doin this, you are probably in the next round.

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