By nbafan10 »

I don't really know where to put this thread so I decided to put it here. I feel that everyone makes quick assumptions about the game right as it is released. I feel this is not good to do because the game usually is released unfinished, which is completely unacceptable. Everyone is saying the same kind of stuff about 2K20 as they did with 2K19. The game is unfinished and there are too many bugs, along with of course some gameplay issues. I've heard multiple people say that 2K19 is one of the best 2Ks of all time, behind 2K16 and 2K11 and maybe a bit more. The game was released unfinished as well but they made some great updates and kept releasing updates to fix the game. 2K20 seems to be on the same path as 2K19, and I agree it probably won't be as good as 19, but I feel it won't be as bad as some people as expecting. I'm really hoping this is true due to the next gen of console coming out in December and me not wanting to purchase th"new" version of the game for my console. I hope this game is playable through December and the community pressures 2K to keep releasing updates and to keep everything fresh for the community due to the next gen releasing so late.