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                  I was playing Madden a while back and had this thought, why couldn't 2k have a similar game mode to Super Star KO in Madden. For those of you out there who don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain. In Madden, Super Star KO  starts with a team selection where you pick a team headed by a celeberty coach. So there is Lil' Yachty's Backyard Heroes, DJ Kaled's Florida Keys, John Grueden's Rythem, and more. So in 2k's version of this mode we could have Kevin Hart's MVPs, Drake's Northern Thunder, Spike Lee's Hardwood Heroes, and so on and so forth. Next in this game mode is a draft, where you pick three players to start your team with. In each of the three rounds of this opening draft, you can pick from four players. In Super Star KO, there are different levels of cards. There are legens, ultra rares, rares, and commons. After you pick your three players to start your team with, the rest of the team is filled out with random cards. You then go in and play in round one against someone. You each get one possesion to score, and if you don't, you go into something called Tug Of War, where whoever gets the most yardage in 5 tries wins. If lose, you start over. If you win, you get to pick one player from the other person's team. You continue doing this for either 5 or 6 more rounds (I can't remeber) with the same rules of the others rounds.

              So why couldn't a similar thing be in 2k? You pick let's one player to start, and if you win you get one player from the other team and continue for four rounds until you round out your starting five. You could get two minutes to play, and if you are tied after two minutes, you play a sort of sudden death, where the first to score wins. And we could have legendary Michael Jordan's, LeBron James', Patrick Ewing's, Wilt Chamberlain's, and more. How cool would it be to have THAT in 2k?! Personally I think this would be a fire addition to a game like 2k that has been severly lacking these past couple of years.