By Dougyyyyy »

If I remember correctly in years past when you got a cap breakers it would raise the max that certain attributes could be. When I built my player it listed all the max attributes but upon playing I realized the attribute maxs are not what they showed upon building the player When building my player had a max driving dunk of 85 however in the game it is a max of 81. I deliberately did this so I could unlock a lot of dunks but now can't so...

1. Do they max attributes increase with progression or do you simply get more attribute points?
2. Why would the max in the builder be different than what it showed me directly after starting?


By shayzi »

that's weird, my player started with a 74 three (shooting glass lock) and once i hit 95 which is where you get all the attributes i had a 74 three. but when i hit 99 i got a 79 three because it's +5. so idk if it's a glitch or no