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So here I will just ask questions about your favorite of NBA anything here and I will keep a leaderboard of the most votes

Player: Kobe Bryant (4) John Starks(1) Stephen Curry(1)

Play: Starks dunks on Jordan(2)Shaq dunk on Dudley(Dudley threw the ball) (1) Kobe 180 against Denver (1)

Game: Game 7 of 2016 Finals(The promise Keeper) (2)Game 6 of 2013 Finals(Ray Allen shot) (1) Game 6 of 2015 Finals(Cavs beat Dubs) (1)

Current Player: Alex Caruso(2) Marcus Morris (1) Damian Lillard (1) Pascal Siakam(1) Brodie(1)

Team: Lakers (2) Warriors (2) Thunder(1) Knicks (1)

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game=2015 nba finals game 6

play=shaq over Dudley (THE fact that Dudley chucked the ball at shaq 

current fav player=lillard

favorite player Ever=curry

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player: Kobe


Play: Fastbreak behind the back 180


Game: Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals


Current player: Alex Caruso


Team: Lakers

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For play, like a specific one like Ray Allen's shot or a dunk

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Do i add a shot or something

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Current Player:lebron


Play:dunk in all star game 2020


Game:only game


Second current player:Brodie