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All you really need is Diamond Steph Curry and Pink Diamond Peja to be a real cheeser in 2K unlimited. If I grind all these hours only to unlock players that can't play up to their rating. If people still cheese me by chucking 3's all damn game.. or if 2K lets every opponent go on a 4th quarter run to come back. I will never play this game again. I've grinded my ass off for Gilbert, GOAT Kobe, Mullin, Hakeem the dream and James Harden.. plus I made enough MT to buy GO Kevin Durant. If I lose to weak ass team in Unlimited, I swear to God, 2K will never get my money again. Remember in 2K17 when you grind your ass off and some dude beats you with a full ruby team of Daniel Gibson and Jaylen Brown?

This better be a real God squad, or else 2K will pay!!

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