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Hello there welcome to the SuperNova Card Comp. We will be accepting 12 people in this comp. Only rules are you can't be in the comp if you have been in Nova for the past 1 month. Aster doesn't count by the way. Also LukeSimmangBoss will be running the comp along with me. Me and LSB will be grading Fx by 20, Cut by 20, Positioning by 20, Quality by 20 and Temp by 20.


1st: A collab with all of the current Supernova team for their last set in 2K20

2nd: A Supernova temp of your choice

3rd: One of JC's temps and a cookie

1. dvdleye123

2. CraniumBrea9er

3. TheProBasketballPlayer


5. 16-0

6. BornLX

7. terryrozier12

8. AtomicJaguarBeast

9. jondh

10. Waynerooney123

11. pelicansareg04t3d

12. drose_thegoat

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