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Yo, so basically this is a place to just disuss what you thought about each game, and dont be rude to others, those are your rules! Have fun! I will update as soon as I can for every game :)


Jazz vs Pelicans game

-Zion Williamson played limited minutes and had 13, but he didn't rebound the ball at all, finishing with 0 rebounds. That isnt gonna work for a power forward to finish with 0 rebounds

-No one on the Jazz scored above 24 points, it was a true team effort, with 6 players scoring above 10 points. Should they continue to try to play like that?

-Brandon Ingram had a solid game with 23 points, but should the ball have been in his hands for a 3 at the end of the game? Wouldn't a 2 to tie be a better idea for a driving player like Slenderman?

-The Jazz did not shoot well from 3, only converting 23.5 percent of their chances. Meanwhile the Pelicans also had a subpar 3 point shooting, with 35.5 percent from 3. Should other teams try to learn from this and ease their way back into 3 pointers?

Lakers vs Clippers game

-Marcus Morris had a horrible game, with 0 points, 3 rebounds, 2 turnovers, and 4 fouls in 19 minutes. If Morris had a better game, could we see the Clips on top?

-The Lakers had a better point differential with LeBron and AD on the bench, proving that the Lakers bench is deeper than we think. Dion Waiters and Kyle Kuzma both had excellent games

-The Clips were without Lou Williams, due to his chicken wing desire. If Sweet Lou is back, do the Clips win that game?

-LeBron proved that no matter how tough of a game he is, he is still truly the KING. How long will it take for somoene to finally dethrone him?

-Should the ball have been in PG13's hands for the last shot of the game? Sure he hit the first 3, but shouldn't Kawhi have had the ball instead?

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Lou Williams, Trez are back... clips win

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Magic vs Nets game

-Magic had a all around great game, with Nikola Vucevic and Evan Fournier both scoring 20+, and Aaron Gordon putting up a double double. Along with nice contributions from the bench(Markelle Fultz, Khem Birch), the Magic looked like a complete team tonight. Do they have enough to challenge the 1 or 2 seed in the playoffs?

-The Nets looked like a mess tonight. Their leading scorer was Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot with 24, and knowing him, it was probably more than a freak game than anything. Joe Harris, Caris LeVert, and Jarrett Allen all had decent numbers, but they looked like a team in need of a star. Judging from their preformance tonight, they will pan out early this year, but they could be Finals contenders next year when Irving and Durant return

-Markelle Fultz. The young point guard had 8 points and 6 assists in 19 minutes tonight. He looked just as good, if not better than D.J Augustin, who had 11 points, and 3 assists in 26 minutes. Could Fultz break the starting lineup by the beginning of the playoffs?

-The Nets didnt have a bad game for a team without 6 key players, but they're gonna need to step their game up if they want to be a playoff team

-Other people are always highly encouraged to share their thoughts!

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Suns vs Wizards game

-Suns had a excellent game, with 6 players contributing 10+points and D-Book and Ayton putting in 20+. The Suns played extremely well without Aron Baynes and Kelly Oubre Jr, another big achievement. Probably not this year, but could the Suns be a playoff team in the near future?

-Wizars on the other end, looked like the...Wizards. Although they actually did also have 6 players with 10+points, they didnt have much else. Rui Hachimura was a very bright spot, with 21 and 9, and Isaac Bonga showed some potential with 9 and 4. All the Wizards really showed tonight was how much they need Bradley Beal, but hey, they did that well!

-The Suns had 29 assists, to the Wizards 18, proving that ball movement is a key part in the game winning. Along with that, Ricky Rubio had 16 and 9, and looked like a true floor general for the Suns. Meanwhile Shabazz Naipier only had 12 and 3, and he looked like a scoring pg, and a bad one while at it.

-Both teams did not play much defense, with a very high score. Against weak teams like this, they could get away with it, but could this be a problem against a bigger team?

Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers game

-We saw an amazing game in this one, with Melo, C.J, Dame, Ja, and JJJ all putting on amazing preformances. It's hard to choose one of these for the 8th seed, but I'll be fucked if they'r not a playoff team in the next year

-Dame is not alone. The Blazers side team put on an amazing performance today. Melo with 21, 7, and 2 clutch 3-balls. C'J McCollum had 33 and another clutch 3, along with 6 assists. Jusuf Nurkic was a rebound away from a double double. If the rest of the Blazers play the way they did today, its hard to beat them

-Grizzlies need more depth. Ja Morant and JJJ played awesome, but they ran out of options toward the end. Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clarke were good, and Valancuinas was solid. But it ended there. Maybe when Justise Winslow returns, that will help, but the starting 5 was all the Grizzlies had tonight

-Where did Hassan go? After a great season, Whiteside was silent today. Only 7 and 4 in 18 minutes, he gave the Blazers a reason to start Nurkic. If Whiteside can play the way he is capable of, the Blazers will be almost unbeatable.

-Skinny Melo is back. Yea, not much else to say, Melo was insane tonight. Man's balling like it's 2005. Will he keep it up?

-I would love to hear your thoughts, plz share!


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If anyone is interested, starting with the next recap, i will add some basic statlines at the beginning before I go into my thoughts

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It's real close atm between the celtics and the bucks: from when I am writing this it is 99-98 to the celtics

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BenBananaAUSSIE said in Saturday, August 1st, 2020 2:59 am

It's real close atm between the celtics and the bucks: from when I am writing this it is 99-98 to the celtics

Yea, I'm real excited, especially since the Bucks playing with C R E A M.


My pick is probably the Bucks, without Kemba, they might be able to take advantage

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102-101 to the bucks... nail biter :)

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